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There are two ways to help your brand with social media.


The first one is to choose one of the 5 packages below, where we do everything for you.

We photograph your product > We create the content (image and text) > We post it > We boost the posts according to the budget defined by you > We monitor the results > We send you a performance report of the last 30 days.

These are services where the objective is for you to forget that you have social networks and just reap the benefits, being able to use your time 100% for the other demands of your company. Of course, there is a lot of information exchange until we reach the point of getting to know your brand / company very well.

Up to R $ 1300.00.

The other way is to hire one of the services below where we give you the rod, the bait and teach you when it is time to pull it. But the one who is really fishing is you ;)

They are one-off services for which you pay only once and apply them to your business.

Instagram Mentoring

Creative and ad specialists will analyze 100% of your brand profile on Instagram and suggest improvements in all aspects. Image, caption, hashtags, information in the bio, which posts are worth boosting and how much to boost to reach new potential consumers.

R $ 500

Content Schedule

Do you want just ideas of what to post each day?

So this is the service you need. We will give you a guide on what is interesting for your brand to post, so you know what to feature on your profile and can provide interesting content for your audience.

R $ 180

10 posts for you to post it yourself

This service includes the development of 10 complete posts (image, caption and hashtags) customized by our creative team, specially made for the current moment of your brand according to your goals. We deliver it and you post according to the frequency you consider ideal.

R $ 500

Monthly Ad Management

A specialist will take care of your social networks for 3 months in a strategic way. Everything is done with state-of-the-art methods, using all the features and filters that social networks offer - making your budget yield much more.

3 x R $ 450


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